Here's a selection of some of the recordings and mixes Matthijs has worked on:



(here's a small selection of work available on other media like bandcamp, soundcloud etc):



Astra - Live at Roadburn 2013 (stream)

Black Oak - Glow (single)

Blood Ceremony - Live at Roadburn 2016 (stream)

Cisterns - Deluvian (from album release)

Duroc - On Fire (single)

Flying Trashcans - Lights Come On (from EP release)

Galley Beggar - Live at Roadburn 2016 (stream)

Inter Arma - Live at Roadburn 2017 (stream)

Oranssi Pazuzu - Live at Roadburn (from album release)

Paradise Lost - Live at Roadburn 2016 (stream)

Promise And The Monster - Live at Roadburn 2014 (stream)

Sväva - Labyrinth (single)

Warning - Live at Roadburn 2017 (stream)

ZonderMeer - Wilde Wolven (from EP release)