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"Whatever feels comfortable, inspiring or just affordable. As long as there is electricity!"

Here's a little about me, a short history. I have been in bands from an early age on, playing guitar, singing and whatnot. Writing my own songs or together with friends, getting into the recording side of things and went on to study musictechnology. I got my bachelor degree in composition and music production in 2006. Ever since I have been living my biggest passion, music and sound. Always trying new things, new ventures, different disciplines.


I ran a recording studio (Paperboat Studio) between 2006 and 2010. Great times doing lots of projects with bands and singers, learning the craft of producing, meanwhile spearheading my own band Oceana Company. Though it was all quite the endeavor, I traded it all in, in 2010, to become a fulltime member of The Black Atlantic (which I already did more part-time-based in 2007-2008). We did some awesome things, touring China, the States, Europe, SXSW, CMJ, touring our asses off. We produced a beautiful EP during that time, Darkling I Listen. But it started itching and I wanted to carry on exploring different things. So I quit in 2012 and tried to find my way.


Looking into more visual ways of working, I made a shortfilm with visual artist Eleanor Kathleen Grootoonk called “Lights In The North” and from there on became an artist-duo doing photographic and video work.

I also picked up some studio work again, recording and mixing The Horse Company's “Calypso” album and mixing Hunting The Robot's album “Celebration/Moderation”. 

This all lead to me upping my game as a recording/mix engineer again, working on lots of albums/singles/EP's/soundtracks/live-sessions throughout 2014/2015/2016.


In the meantime I have always been available for session work as a guitarist/bassist or on my mellotron, and have been working as a member of the Roadburn Festival recording team (since 2009). I have had the privilege to record and mix live performances of some of my personal favourite groups (Comus, Anekdoten, Änglagård, Michael Rother's Neu! & Harmonia, Baroness, Goblin, Paradise Lost and a lot more).


My work process is that I like to work on different locations. I have a high-quality mobile recording setup. Everything you'll need to capture a professional "recording-studio" sound, except you can do it everywhere you like. From beautiful and remote places to the practice space of your band, in the city or the country. Whatever feels comfortable, inspiring or just affordable. As long as there is electricity!


I like the movement in things, I like doing different things. I am always available for cool projects, if you would like to work with me, get in touch.



Check the Old News page for more info about past projects etc.

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